Mumford & Sons signature style is nowhere insight in new single


Yesterday Mumford & Sons debuted their new single “believe” and surprisingly their signature banjo playing style is nowhere in sight.

The song starts with a slow tempo, solely highlighting Marcus Mumford’s voice, then around the two-minute mark the song is filled with powerful electric guitar sounds. The new sound of the band come after the band promised they were going to shake things up for their third album, which will be available on May 4.
Online many are complaining, stating that they should stick to their signature folk style and that they should not start sounding like other rock artists like Coldplay.

However, I disagree, it is refreshing to watch artists change up their sound and try new things. If artists always stuck to doing the same thing, then they would not grow and most of the music would always sound the same. I personally enjoyed the new song they released; the lyrics and the tempo go perfectly together. I applaud Mumford & Sons for trying something new and hope the new album is just as great as the single released.

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