Magic Man is a Magical Burst of Sunshine

With sweet melodies that stick in your head for days, the band Magic Man is like no other. Magic Man is a synth-rock and pop act hailing from Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. The band started off as a duo in 2010 but later on became a five piece band.

9902994083_fd49c7ebd7_bMagic Man is an interesting band that blends indie rock with electric pop sounding music. Most of the music they create is upbeat, it’s the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance.

The lead singer of the band, Alex Caplow, has an amazingly sweet and delicate sounding voice. He has the type of voice that you can listen to for hours and never get tired. His voice isn’t harsh sounding or too deep, it is just very relaxing and mellow. The band uses synth music to complement Caplow’s voice and they do a good job at it. All the songs they create are pleasant to the ears.

The band only has one album named Before the Waves, which came out in 2014. The best song from has to be the song titled “Paris.”

I adore this song because the beat of the song is a great pop tune that has an interesting sounding electric beats. The way Caplow sings this song is amazing; he owns the song with strong vocals and vibrant choruses. All throughout the album there is evidence of the youthfulness and the energy of the band. This is why I like the band so much, it’s the type of music you want to hear if you just want to enjoy music and feel happy.

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Hello! My name is Jacqueline. I'm a 23 years old journalist. Music is very important in my life and I love to write about it. Hence the creation of my blog (:

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