Stromae More than Just a Singer

I find music, in every language, to be wonderful so when I was invited by a friend to see Belgium singer Stromae automatically my response was to say “Yes of course I would love to go.” Not everyone enjoys foreign music, people usually find it strange, I on the other hand thought of it as a great opportunity to expand my musical taste. Although I have no understanding of the French language, it’s a once in a life time experience to see a foreign artist.

I wasn’t wrong, Stromae was not only a great singer but he was an amazing performer. I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and Stromae was the first artist I’ve seen that constantly likes to interact with the audience. After each song, he would go out of his way to talk the crowd and genuinely seemed happy to be on stage. Stromae was also an amazing performer, he uniquely had choreographed skits to go with each performance. For example for the song “Formidable”, he gave an incredibly believable performance of pretending to act drunk. To go with the performance he pretended to vomit, spit actually dropped to the floor of the stage, and he eventually was escorted off stage by one of his musicians.

Not once was I bored during his performance, each song made me want to dance and sing along. By the end of the concert, neither the audience nor Stromae wanted the concert to end, eventually Stromae did an acapella performance with his musicians with was a nice spin on things. But thus, the concert needed to end and it did in a spectacular way with electric music heavily playing.

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