Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik twitter fight over music


When will these twitter fights ever end. Today, Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris engaged in a Twitter disagreement, where the former One Direction member ended up referred to the EDM star as a “dickhead” and an old man.

The exchange started when  Harris responded to one of Malik’s retweets, of a post from the account @FemaleTexts in which included a screenshot of an interview with TIME in which Swift says fans disappointed by her withdrawal from Spotify can still get her music on iTunes. The tweet also included a quote from Cyrus explaining that she has already “made [her] money” and that she doesn’t care if “no one buys [her] album,”

Main point of the tweet was that Swift is money hungry and greedy.

Harris took offence and defended Swift, firing back that her decision is in support of smaller artists who do not earn much from streaming companies.



Things escalated when Malik began firing back, defending himself. While at the same time taking jabs at Harris



In the end, Harris ended up being a gentleman and complimented Malik

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