Disclosure releases music video for “Magnets”

The long waited music video for Disclosure latest single has hit the web. The electric duo and featured singer Lorde make a sizzling combination in the single “Magnets.”

In the music video, Lorde plays badass seductress who is not to be messed with. The ending of  the video is spectular.

Check it out:

Concert Journal: Catfish and the Bottlemen

A venue crowded to full-capacity with teens, impossible to move around without bumping into someone. Screaming fans singing and dancing to every song. By this scene, you may think the people are attending a sterotypical boyband concert. But in reality it was the rock band Catfish and The Bottlemen who did a spectaular job at entertaining the crowd on Sunday, Sept 28 at the House of Blues in Anaheim.

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Ed Sheeran joins Beyoncé onstage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival

Credit: Kevin Winter/WireImage.com
Credit: Kevin Winter/WireImage.com

Ed Sheeran just became Jay-Z’s biggest musical threat. The singer joined Beyonce onstage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival to perform her hit single “Drunk in Love”  and to be honest its a way better version than the one featuring Jay-Z. Both Beyonce and Sheeran have beautiful strong voices that mesh together perfectly.

Check it out:

Rapper Fetty Wap Involved in a Motorcycle Crash


Fetty Wap’s summer hit song ‘Trap Queen’ has catapulted the rapper to super-stardom. He is definetly becoming a house-hold name in the music industry.

Unfortunately, today it has been reported that the rapper was involved in a scary motorcycle accident in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey.

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Fresh Music Monday: Troye Sivan “Fools”

Troye-Sivan-Wild-2015When I listen to music, I naturally gravitate towards sad emotional songs. I’m not sure why, but I love it when artists strip down and show there vulnerability.

This week, I encourage you all to listen to Troye Sivan’s song ‘Fools.’ The song has the perfect combination of deep emotionl lryics like ” Oh, our lives don’t collide, I’m aware of this.The differences and impulses and your obsession with” and catchy fun choruses “Only fools fall for you, only fools. Only fools do what I do, only fools fall.” Not only are the lyrics great, the song contains interesting beats that are quite refreshing.

For being a YouTube star, Sivan is an incredibly talented singer. His sweet soft voice is easy to fall in love with.

Concert Journal: Circa Waves

As the sun sets, a black van stops in front of the concert venue, The Observatory in Santa Anna. In the van, men are rapidly running around back and forth, unpacking heavy music equipment. To anyone watching this scene unfold, they might believe they are just observing the crew of one of the bands performing. But in reality, if you look closely, you’ll notice that its the members of the British indie rock band Circa Waves,  doing the duty of unpacking.

From right to left: Sam Rourke (bass), Kieran Shudall (vocals, guitar), Colin Jones (drums) , and Joe Falconer (guitarist)
From right to left: Sam Rourke (bass), Kieran Shudall (vocals, guitar), Colin Jones (drums) , and Joe Falconer (guitarist)

For those unfamiliar to the band Circa Waves, they are a British indie rock band from Liverpool formed in 2013.  This relatively new band, is quickly becoming vastly popular and successful, performing in festivals and touring around the world. Their debut album, “Young Chasers’ recently became available in the U.S. and has already garnered positive reviews all through out Europe.

In between all the chaos of starting the sound check and setting up the equipment,  the lead singer of the band, Kieran Shudall, humbly agreed to answer a couple of questions.

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Fresh Music Monday: Fire and the Flood

vance-joy-fire-and-the-flood-2015Vance Joy’s song ‘Riptide’ may have been played on the radio too many times, enough to make you sick of him. Yet, his newest single “Fire and the Flood’ is a delightfully sweet catchy song that you’ll want to replay over and over and over again.

His soft raspy romantic voice, makes you fall in love with him. With romantic lyrics like,” Since we met I feel a lightness in my step.You’re miles away but I still feel you.” You’ll end up wishing Vance was signing the song for you.

This song proves that Vance Joy is not a one hit wonder. He’s proven that he is capable of creating amazing music that is new and exciting. This is the type of music people like to hear on the radio and ultimately fall in love with.

Selena Gomez Releases New Single and Tracklist for ‘Revival’


Selena Gomez is finally embracing her soft raspy voice and her newest single ‘Same Old Love’ doesn’t rely on autotune to show she can carry a tune. The singer has officially released her newest single and track listing for the upcoming album Revival.

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Sam Smith is Confirmed to Sing Spectre Theme

After months of rumors and constant denial, it has finally been confirmed that Sam Smith will be singing the theme song to the next James Bond movie, “Spectre.”


The single is called “Writing’s on the Wall,” will be released over a month before the film on September 25th. 

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