Concert Journal: Circa Waves

As the sun sets, a black van stops in front of the concert venue, The Observatory in Santa Anna. In the van, men are rapidly running around back and forth, unpacking heavy music equipment. To anyone watching this scene unfold, they might believe they are just observing the crew of one of the bands performing. But in reality, if you look closely, you’ll notice that its the members of the British indie rock band Circa Waves,  doing the duty of unpacking.

From right to left: Sam Rourke (bass), Kieran Shudall (vocals, guitar), Colin Jones (drums) , and Joe Falconer (guitarist)
From right to left: Sam Rourke (bass), Kieran Shudall (vocals, guitar), Colin Jones (drums) , and Joe Falconer (guitarist)

For those unfamiliar to the band Circa Waves, they are a British indie rock band from Liverpool formed in 2013.  This relatively new band, is quickly becoming vastly popular and successful, performing in festivals and touring around the world. Their debut album, “Young Chasers’ recently became available in the U.S. and has already garnered positive reviews all through out Europe.

In between all the chaos of starting the sound check and setting up the equipment,  the lead singer of the band, Kieran Shudall, humbly agreed to answer a couple of questions.

How is touring in the U.S. different from the U.K?

“Its like starting all over again, its strange. It feels very similar to about a year and a half ago, when we first started touring in the U.K. Quite bizarre, but its good though,I still enjoy it honestly.”

The album “Young Chasers” debuted in the U.K before the U.S., how does it feel knowing its finally out in the U.S. ?

“Its cool, its been out in the U.K for quite a while. It doesn’t feel like anything has change really. But I am sure after this weekend of doing more gigs, I will be more aware of it.”

How was the song writing process for “Young Chasers”?

“It only took about 5 weeks to make. The songs just seemed to come out of the sky in a weird way. Song-writing is one of the most baffling things in the world. There is no real formula, I think if there was one I would sell it for a lot of money. .”

Speaking of the album, which song is your favorite?

“I really enjoy playing “T-Shirt Weather” live. Just because its the most known.When you go from writing a song from your bedroom or living to a thousand people singing it,its just a surreal experience. You don’t necessarily understand how its happened, but its these people living thousands of miles away from you singing those words back to you and that’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

You and your band have been touring a while, have you been enjoying it so far?

“It’s great, it’s tiring, but you get to see some incredible places. You don’t get to stay there for long enough which is annoying. You only get to see bits of it which is better than nothing I suppose.”

You get to meet a lot of artists while on touring, who would you love to write a song with?

” A really like old singer, like Carole King or Joni Mitchell . Anything that is a bit unusual. Maybe a classical composer, someone who could pull some strings, that would be awesome. I would love that. ”

Who are your musical influences?

“I am always into great song writers. Not necessarily bands that sound like us, but people I’ve mentioned before like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, these sort of incredible music makers. Or also like loads of other U.K bands like The Maccabees and Foals. Bands that combine great song writing and performances I think is really important.”

When bands sound live exactly like how they sound in CD’s, that the greatest thing in the music world. Circa Waves, without a doubt, is one of those bands who are naturally gifted. They have an incredible presence onstage and they sing and play beautifully.


The crowed absolutely loved the band, frequently jumping around and singing along with the songs. Considering I’ve only heard a few of there songs, even I was always boobing my head and singing along.  When their set finished everyone yearned for them to keep singing. But unfortunately the concert needed to come to an end and the next band, Oberhofer, needed to perform.

Without a doubt I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet and listen to the band live. Circa Waves, is an amazingly hardworking British band that is slowly blowing up. If you love indie rock or, better yet, music in general you should definitely give them a chance.

P.S. I recommend the song “Lost It.” I absolutely love it. Kieran’s raspy British voice is just incredibly catchy.

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