Cage the Elephant premieres new single “Mess Around”

wpid-press-photo-cte_ic15_pola01.jpg-1024x826.jpegCage the Elephants are gearing up to release their upcoming album Tell Me I’m Pretty, out December 18th. To promote their new album, the band just released a a video for the first single “Mess Around” on their Youtube account.

The album’s first single is just watch you expect from a Cage the Elephant song, Matt Schultz voice is powerfully present, yet the new track has a new twist . This track relies more on hard hitting guitar sounds. It is not a coincidence considering Cage the Elephant worked with producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.

Listen to the new song here:

Concert Journal: “Let the Kids Riot” tour ft. The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons

In an intimate venue filled with screaming teens, mostly girls, the ‘Let the Kids Riot’ tour featuring-The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons- kicked off on Oct. 29 at The Constellation Room in Santa Anna, Ca.

The first band to perform was the rock band, The Mosers.
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Fresh Music Monday: Walk the Moon “Lisa Baby”

If someone asked me who were my favorite bands, one of my answers will always be the band Walk the Moon.Walk-the-Moon-Band

The first time I heard them was when their first single “Anna Sun” came out. I always thought it was a catchy indie-pop tune. Once I heard the entire self-titled album, I was blown away by their talent. The album is consistently memorable with many well-written songs with fun pop beats.

Dont get me started with the second album Talking Hard,  the first single “Shut up and Dance” dominated the charts this summer. Pretty darn good for a band from Ohio.

This week will be the second time I see them in concert and in honor of it, I encourage you guys to listen to the song “Lisa Baby.”

The song is my all-time favorite, I love how the song starts off slow with smooth catchy lyrics, “When my baby is a mess/
My baby is a dancing queen,”  and then gradually escalates to a big musical production filled with crazy guitar riffs and loud singing.

Adele releases heartbreaking single “Hello”


Get your tissues ready! Adele has released her single “Hello” and it’s absoutely heart-wrenching.

Adele’s voice is magnificent in this slow and emotional song. The lyrics of the song are truly heartbreaking. It talks about breaking a lover’s heart, calling to apologize but then finding no one answering the call.

Adele’s new song does not dissapoint, she is truly back with a vengence.

The new album “25” is out on Nov.20

Check out the song and video:

Concert Journal: The Royal Concept

Who would have ever thought a small hole-in-the-wall bar in Costa Mesa would provide one of the best concerts I’ve attended in a while.

On Wednesday, the small bar named The Wayfarer hosted a concert with a special performance from the Swedish band The Royal Concept.


The first time I ever heard of The Royal Concept was when I was randomly searching for cool indie bands to listen to on Spotify. I instantly fell in love with their sound, they are very reminiscent Phoenix but also very different. They have distinct style of creating unique melodies and choruses for each of their songs.  None of their songs sound the same and that is refreshing to hear.

Opening for the band was the electric rock band Parade of Light. The band gave an energetic performance even though throughout the set they kept having equipment issues. It was a bit distracting to watch but that did not stop them from making the best of the situation. As they were able to pull off a fun performance filled with catchy beats and groove-filled sounds.

With a music style that is like no other,  Swedish band, The Royal Concept enchanted the crowd with its fun electric pop sound. The band is amazing live, the lead singer David Larson has the best rock star persona and charisma that doesn’t appear to be too fake or exaggerated. Larson was not the only one who had charisma, they rest of the band was fantastic. Especially the drummer, Frans Povel, who was quite talented and never skipped a beat.

The band sound is unique and truly one of a kind, the lead singer often played around with an auto tune device that enhanced songs like “World on Fire.” The device was a fun twist that the crowd really seemed to enjoy. Even with out the use of the device, Larson has a beautiful voice that sounds amazing live.

The thing I liked most about the band was that they play around with their music to make them sound more fun and dance-able in concert.  Even if someone has never heard them, its hard not to move to the beat of their music.

The crowd adored the band, when they finished the set they were given a standing ovation and asked to play one more song. The band obliged and sang a requested song from one of their fans. After the concert, Larson stated that he and the rest of the band was going to “sell merch and have drinks.” A truly, humble and fun thing to do.

Justin Bieber Drops New Single ‘Sorry’

justin-bieber-sorry-dance-video__iphoneJustin Bieber is on the roll with catchy hits! On Thursday, he released a new single in the form of a fun dance video. The song is produced by Blood and Skrillex.

The newest single is filled with fun electronic sound that is very reminiscent of his current hits “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean”

Biebers album titled ‘Purpose’ drops on Nov. 13.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the video!

Adele Announces New Album ’25’

Adele is finally back! After being out of the music scene for 4 years, the singer has announced that her long-anticipated third album titled “25” will be out on November 20th.

Her last album was the smashing hit “21” which garnered her mainstream success and tons of awards including a Grammy for Album of the Year . The last time Adele was in the music scene was when she contributed her amazing voice to the Oscar award winning song “Skyfall” from the 2012 Bond film.

After the longest hiatus ever, Adele has finally indulged fans in giving them an exclusive look at the album cover-art and the track-listing.

Check it out:

1. “Hello”
2. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”
3. “I Miss You”
4. “When We Were Young”
5. “Remedy”
6. “Water Under The Bridge”
7. “River Lea”
8. “Love In The Dark”
9. “Million Years Ago”
10. “All I Ask”
11. “Sweetest Devotion”

The singer will release the first single of the new LP “Hello” tomorrow and will be accompanied by a music video directed by Xavier Dolan.

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Hello video will be available tomorrow on

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After the smash hit of 21 in early 2011, its about time the soulful singer brings out new material. Let me know what you think of Adele’s come back in the comments below.

Fresh Music Monday: DNCE ‘Cake by the Ocean’

dnceAnother Monday is here and you know what that means! Today I recommend a song for you to listen to on Fresh Music Monday.

Today I recommended DNCE’s ‘Cake by the Ocean’. The lead singer of the band might seem familiar because its none other than Joe Jonas from the boyband Jonas Brothers. DNCE is an extremely new band, they barely started this year and are already gaining tons of popularity.

The first time I heard the single ‘Cake by the Ocean’ I just wanted to get up and DANCE. The song is so catchy and fun. Perfect to brighten anyone’s dull Monday. The music video is also pretty hilarious to watch and it was directed by none other than, Joe Jonas’s gf and supermodel, Gigi Hadid. The premise of the video is literally, a huge cake by the ocean.The video then turns to a chaotic cake fight, between sexy girls and controversial comedian Fat Jewish.

Hope you guys are having a great monday! Let me know in the comments below what you think of the band DNCE and their single. 🙂

Concert Journal: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

For the first time in my life I was late to a concert. I’m not exaggerating when I say LATE! I was exactly, two hours late. Not only did I miss the two opening bands, LOLO and The Griswolds, but I also missed out on New Politics set. Lets just say that I was internally crying. Right as I got to Club Nokia, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to catch the entire last performance of the night, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

20151017_223358For those who have never heard of him, Andrew McMahon belonged to the bands Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. Now he performs solo as the indie pop act Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. His most famous song to date is “Cecilia and the Satellite.”

As I always mention, I adore when singers sound live just like in there albums. McMahon did not disappoint. Situated in a piano clever decorated with a fish bowl, McMahon performance blew me away. ‘Rainy Girl’ was the first song he performed and his soothing raspy voice entranced the crowd. Right from the start, it was obvious that we were in for a great show.

His smile and energy radiated and entertained. All through the set, McMahon’s energy was thrilling, always jumping up and down his piano and through the crowd. I always believe its more entertaining when entertainers engage the audience and bring new ideas to the table and his performance did not disappoint. McMahon’s set was filled with a mix of new songs and songs from his time in his previous bands. As a performer, he does a good job at keeping the audience happy. Heck I even saw a security guard, bobbing his head up and down, enjoying the music.

Near the end of the set, McMahon was fun enough to throw fortune cookies to the crowd. A very sweet and fun thing to do. I am deeply grateful, I was able to catch his performance. McMahon’s voice is beautiful. His energy and songs just make me fall in love with him. I am definitely going to attend another one of his concert.