Fresh Music Monday: DNCE ‘Cake by the Ocean’

dnceAnother Monday is here and you know what that means! Today I recommend a song for you to listen to on Fresh Music Monday.

Today I recommended DNCE’s ‘Cake by the Ocean’. The lead singer of the band might seem familiar because its none other than Joe Jonas from the boyband Jonas Brothers. DNCE is an extremely new band, they barely started this year and are already gaining tons of popularity.

The first time I heard the single ‘Cake by the Ocean’ I just wanted to get up and DANCE. The song is so catchy and fun. Perfect to brighten anyone’s dull Monday. The music video is also pretty hilarious to watch and it was directed by none other than, Joe Jonas’s gf and supermodel, Gigi Hadid. The premise of the video is literally, a huge cake by the ocean.The video then turns to a chaotic cake fight, between sexy girls and controversial comedian Fat Jewish.

Hope you guys are having a great monday! Let me know in the comments below what you think of the band DNCE and their single. 🙂

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