Concert Journal: The Royal Concept

Who would have ever thought a small hole-in-the-wall bar in Costa Mesa would provide one of the best concerts I’ve attended in a while.

On Wednesday, the small bar named The Wayfarer hosted a concert with a special performance from the Swedish band The Royal Concept.


The first time I ever heard of The Royal Concept was when I was randomly searching for cool indie bands to listen to on Spotify. I instantly fell in love with their sound, they are very reminiscent Phoenix but also very different. They have distinct style of creating unique melodies and choruses for each of their songs.  None of their songs sound the same and that is refreshing to hear.

Opening for the band was the electric rock band Parade of Light. The band gave an energetic performance even though throughout the set they kept having equipment issues. It was a bit distracting to watch but that did not stop them from making the best of the situation. As they were able to pull off a fun performance filled with catchy beats and groove-filled sounds.

With a music style that is like no other,  Swedish band, The Royal Concept enchanted the crowd with its fun electric pop sound. The band is amazing live, the lead singer David Larson has the best rock star persona and charisma that doesn’t appear to be too fake or exaggerated. Larson was not the only one who had charisma, they rest of the band was fantastic. Especially the drummer, Frans Povel, who was quite talented and never skipped a beat.

The band sound is unique and truly one of a kind, the lead singer often played around with an auto tune device that enhanced songs like “World on Fire.” The device was a fun twist that the crowd really seemed to enjoy. Even with out the use of the device, Larson has a beautiful voice that sounds amazing live.

The thing I liked most about the band was that they play around with their music to make them sound more fun and dance-able in concert.  Even if someone has never heard them, its hard not to move to the beat of their music.

The crowd adored the band, when they finished the set they were given a standing ovation and asked to play one more song. The band obliged and sang a requested song from one of their fans. After the concert, Larson stated that he and the rest of the band was going to “sell merch and have drinks.” A truly, humble and fun thing to do.

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