Concert Journal: “Let the Kids Riot” tour ft. The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons

In an intimate venue filled with screaming teens, mostly girls, the ‘Let the Kids Riot’ tour featuring-The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons- kicked off on Oct. 29 at The Constellation Room in Santa Anna, Ca.

The first band to perform was the rock band, The Mosers.

This band was pretty entertaining to watch. The lead singer of the band, Mike Pellegrino, was hilarious often making jokes and encouraging the fans to buy their merch. The band has a nice musical style with catchy rhythm and  beats. The only problem with the band is that Pellegrino’s  voice would sound harsh and made the music sound awkward . Its an understandable problem, considering they are a new band and are barely getting their groove. So I truly  hope they get better in the upcoming years.

20151028_213658834As soon as the second band of the night,  Night Riots, went on stage the whole audience of teen girls went crazy. Its hard not to get in the screaming spirit, considering the whole band is extremely attractive. Especially the lead singer of the band, Travis Hawley,  who oozed boyish charm and sex-appeal.

Hawley was quite enchanting to watch! He is very interactive with fans, often making eye-contact, touching hands and pointing at them. He is very good at making girls go crazy with his soft raspy voice . Its very obvious why girls love them.

Not only are they good looking but they are also quite talented. The music they create is quite fun and catchy rock-pop.  The most interesting part of their set was when Hawley took out a ukulele and started to play a song with it. It was nice change from the traditionally upbeat songs they performed.

254With a bottle of Jack Daniels in hand, Andy Tongren and the rest of the members from Young Rising Sons closed out the show. Sadly the crowd was a smaller, a lot of the people left after Night Riots performed. But that did not stop the indie pop-rock band from enchanting the crowd. The band started with a bang and played one of their best singles  “High.”

From the moment they stepped on stage,  it was obvious that they are great entertainers and have awesome chemistry together. They would often tease with one another and make the audience laugh and scream. T

ongren is quite the great singer, in a spontaneous moment, he performed a entire song without a microphone. A hard task to do in a large crowd. Eventually, it became a huge sing-along with the audience which was quite a special thing to be apart of.

I truly enjoyed watch Young Rising Sons perform, their sound is fun and interesting.  Tongren’s voice is truly one of a kind. The other members of the band were fun to watch as well. Dylan Scott was amazing at playing guitar and throughout the show was Tongren’s wing-man at entertaining the crowd.  Julian Dimagiba was the most quiet one of the group, yet his presence on stage was strong and he never missed a beat on the bass. Drummer, Steve Patrick, was adorable to watch. He is truly talented on the drums and in the beginning of the set he gave his drum sticks to a fan. A very sweet gesture. To band closed the show with the single “Fucked Up” and had the whole audience cursing and dancing around.

If you would like to see the bands on tour  visit:

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