Concert Journal:Kroq Halloween Costume Ball Ft. Cage the Elephant

wpid-2015-10-30-11.38.26-1.jpg.jpegOn Friday, Oct. 30th, the Los Angeles station 106.7 KROQ, hosted their annual Halloween Costume Ball which featured DJ Jeremiad, Peking Duk, and Cage The Elephant.

The first two acts, DJ Jeremaid and Peking Duk, kept the crowd entertained playing many Halloween themed songs and EDM tracks. The whole audience seemed to enjoy the music but most were just was patiently waiting for the headliner’s Cage the Elephant

Decked out in fun costumes, Cage the Elephants, went on stage and the crowd went wild. The band performed all their hits and even the new track “Mess Around.”

Now it wouldn’t be a true Cage the Elephant show if the lead singer, Matt Shultz, didn’t stage dive. Shultz signature move is to stage dive and surf through the crowd and this concert was no exception.

During the first 3 minutes of their set, Matt jumped off stage and into the crowd creating mayhem and chaos. Pushing and shoving occurred as everyone wanted to get as close to Matt and the stage .

It’s a huge mystery how Matt can still manage to sing his heart out in between all the chaos, but he managed it like a pro and never skipped a beat. Matt’s energy on stage is incredible, he is not afraid to get up and personal with the crowd.

Even his brother, rhythm guitarist Brad Shultz, got into the action. He would often interact with the crowd and even pulled a girl up on stage to sing and dance with them. It also helped that the whole audience was anxiously waiting to watch them performed. It seemed like the whole crowd knew their hearts by song.

Cage the Elephants is a fun act to watch perform. Matt and Brad love entertaining and pumping up the crowd. They would often go to every side of the stage and jump inside the crowd.

Not to mention, their music style is just incredible. The band relies heavily on guitars and on unique beats for a style like no other. It is obviously that the band likes to experiment with sound and are very diverse with their music. The song “Take it or Leave it” is reminiscent of a disco song, “Cigarette Daydream is a sad love anthem and “Aint No Rest for the Wicked” is one of the catchiest alternative-rock songs around.

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