Smallpools Killer Show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca

Smallpools latest tour, The American Love Tour featuring special guests Phoebe Ryan and Machine Heart,  is sadly coming to an end. On Nov. 5th, the band played their second-to-last show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.


The bright green hair is the first thing you notice about Phoebe Ryan. Once she opens her mouth, a breathy sweet vocal similar to those of Tove Lo can be heard.  You can’t help but fall in love with her voice. Its incredible how small petite girl can have such a beautiful strong voice. Her indie pop music layered with synths was the perfect opener for The American Love tour.

After Ryan’s performance, indie pop band, Machineheart played a very short 30 min set.  Lead singer Stevie Scott’s voice reminds me of a mix of Carly Rae Jepsen and Florence Welch . She has a sweet feminine voice like Jepsen yet at the same time a raspy soft voice like Welch. The group was fun to hear, they even played a verse from a Britney Spears song making the whole crowd go wild. Machineheart’s music is very fun and upbeat, filled with catchy drum beats.

Rocking a bright red jacket, frontman Sean Scanlon and the rest of the members of Smallpools, gave a spectacular performance.  The band opened with the song ‘Over & Over,’ and had the crowd going crazy, jumping around and signing-along.  The band’s catchy repetitive pop tunes, are easy to remember and fun to hear.

The drummer of the band, Beau Kuther, is amazingly talented. During the end of one of their songs, he ended up doing a drum solo that left the whole crowd cheering and in awe.

Changing into a Brandon Flower-esque jacket filled it feathers on the shoulders, frontman Scanlon, told the audience that their single ‘Karaoke’ has a very similar melody to the Killers song ‘Human.’ In a fun experiment, the band took their realization into action. During a trip to a karaoke place, they told the people in attendance they were going to sing the song by The Killers. But instead they unsuspectingly switched it and sang their own song. When they played the new version for The Constellation Room, I was blown away on how similar they actually were. Both songs mesh perfectly and are an incredible combination.

At one point during the set, some rowdy fans managed to go to the front of the stage and handed the band some alcohol shots. The band declined to drink it but after much insistence from the fans, they ended up agreeing. From the look of their faces it was hilariously obvious they hated the taste of the drinks. The power of peer-pressure!

The band asked the audience not to use their phones during the song “Love Tap”.  Jokingly stating that no matter what amazing thing happened. Even if the devil itself showed up, to not use any electronic devices and just enjoy the moment. Obviously something grand did end up happening during the song. Through a back door, Scanlon sneakily appeared through the crowd and rocked out in the middle with all the fans. The fans went into chaos trying to reach the singer ….and of course everyone pulled out their phones to take pictures.

During the song of ‘Killer Whales,’ the band threw plastic whales into the crowd and even through a giant blow-up whale. The crowd went even more crazy for it, throwing it around everywhere and fighting to hold it.

Smallpools ended their set with their most popular hit ‘Dreaming.’ Filled with colorful lights, the band blew up the place with their fun indie pop music. Scanlon’s high melodic vocals brighten up the Constellation Room leaving the whole room dancing and wanting more music.

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