Concert Journal: Atlas Genius and Marian Hill Set off Altimate December 2 Remember Concert Series


To make the last month of the year even more memorable, Atlas Genius kicked off 98.7 Altimate December to Remember concert series on December 1st.

Marian Hill opened the concert with an electric bang. The band is a duo from Philadelphia, made up of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol.


As music evolves, more and more artists try to incoporate electric music into their sets. Truthfully many fail since its not easy to make different genres of music blend with electric sounds. Yet, Marian Hill proved that jazz is a wonderful combination to electric-synthetic beats. The music flowed beautifully, with Gongols sweet voice radiating through the venue. The addition of a saxaphone through the set made the crowd cheer with joy. Marian Hill was quite enjoyable act to watch, the music they’ve created is something new and exciting. Their jazz sound is soothing, yet the electronic production makes you want to dance. Its a strange combination, that works works perfectly.

Slowly through the end of Marian Hills set, the whole venue was flooded with people waiting patiently for the curtains to open. Its no surprise since everyone was eager awaiting to see the headliners Altas Genius. The alternative rock band from South Australia has erupted into mainstream radio with the catchy hits “If So” and “Trojans.”


Altas Genius put on an impressing and highly fun show.The band is extremely good at showing how musically gifted and intertwined they are. They put a lot of focus on their music, by incorporating a lot of guitar riffs and other fun music tibits. The band reminds me of old school rock but with a taste of new more contemporary alternative sound. I was quite surprise by how amazing Atlas Genius sounded live. Their set had an undeniable depth, where each song sounded better and better. Everytime they would start a new song, it felt like they would give it their all and would leave you captivated for more.

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