Concert Journal- Coleman Hell and New Politics: An Explosive Concert Combination

The best concerts usually occurs during the weekends. When all work and school commitments are done and you are ready to enjoy the weekend and have fun. Yet, New Politics concert on Dec.8, felt like a huge party. One that you never wanted to end.

The concert started with a performance from the newbie band New Beat Fund. The stage was decorated with neon colors and silly face.


When the band performed the lead singer Micheal Johnsons’ mannerisms reminded me so much of Cage the Elephant’s singer Matt Shultz. They both have this undeniable fun presence, where they get carried away that to the groove of the music and dance the performance away.The band had catchy tunes, but the crowd was not as enthusiastic about the sound and most seemed unfamiliar by the music.


Once Coleman Hell opened his voice as the second performer of the night he definitely stole the show. The man has the best vocals I have ever heard. His gospel sound with fast tempo beats is a lethal combination that oozes perfection. Not to mention his dance moves, I have no doubt Hell is going to become a huge star. The singer finished his set with his biggest hit “2 Heads” and left the crowd enchanted.

Even before the concert started I was very anxious to watch New Politics perform. From various sources, I learned that the band is incredible live, so I was highly anticipating whether they would live up to the expectations. And let me tell you, they did not dissapoint. By far, New Politics blew my expectations and left me in awe.
The trio are a triple threat!


Lead Singer David Boyd oozed charisma and sex appeal. His dancing skills were insane, who knew someone could be so flexible and so athletic. His backflips, splits, etc.. left the whole audience shocked and cheering. Boyd is the definition of triple-threat, his vocals were always on point and even if he messed up during one of the songs, he just laughed it off and kept rocking out.

Drummer Louis Vecchio never skipped a beat on the drums, and even got a drum solo showcasing his talent. Vecchio’s presence onstage was undeniable. Usually drummers are hidden in the background, yet he wasnt. Vecchio was front in center always laughing and engaging with fans.

What left me most in awe was guitarist and second/backup vocalist Soren Hansens. Not only does he have a sweet beautiful voice that should be highlighted more, but he is also amazingly gifted with the guitar.

The audience loved New Politics and the band gave the crowd a performance of a lifetime and played for an hour and a half. The band played new songs like ” Girl Crush” and old songs like “Give me Hope.” Of course the band ended their set with their massive hit “Harlem” and had the whole crowd jumping up and down to the beat.

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