Taylor Swift Releases Magical Music Video for “Out of the Woods”

Screen grab from Taylor Swift Music Video

Will Taylor Swift rule 2016 as well? The singer rang in the New Year with a magical music video for her latest single “Out of the Woods.”

In her weirdest video to date, Swift runs away from a savage pack of wolves as they chase her through the woods. She later on plummets towards the depths of the ocean, gets frozen in the cold and ends up rolling in mud.

The video concludes with a mud-covered Swift emerging from the trees to a beach, where she finds a version of herself gazing into the ocean.

Ending with the words “She lost him, but found herself, and somehow that was everything.”

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Hello! My name is Jacqueline. I'm a 23 years old journalist. Music is very important in my life and I love to write about it. Hence the creation of my blog (:

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