Album Review: Panic! At the Disco Attempts to Make a Victorious Return with ‘Death of A Bachelor’

January 15th, 2016:

Panic! At the DiscoDeath Of A Bachelor


First their were four, now only one ends up victorious?

Panic! at the Disco is back on the music scene with its fifth full-length titled Death of a Bachelor. This time the band has a radical new look. After a series of band members leaving the musical group, Brandon Urie is returning as a solo act. According to Urie, this new LP is “a mix between Sinatra and Queen.”  Many singles of the new album have already been released early including the uber catchy and fun tunes Hallelujah’ and ‘Victorious’.

Brandon Urie is fantastic at creating highly entertaining music, with unusually fast and witty lyrics that mesh perfectly together.

The song “Crazy=Genius” is the perfect example for Urie’s signature style. The song is filled with excitement and chaos.

In the album, Urie has payed a beautiful homage to Frank Sinatra. The single titled the same as the album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ is a beautiful homage to the late singer.

‘Death of a Bachelor’ is one the best songs from the album. Urie’s beautiful soft raspy voice is on full display and isnt overpowered by his signature loud instrumentations. Instead it embraces Sinatras style with a twist. The song perfectly combines jazzy beats and smooth synth instrumentals.

Overall, Death of A Bachelor is a great introduction to Brandon Urie as a solo act. The album doesnt stray from his unique sounds and gives a great variation of memorable songs.

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