Concert Review: X Ambassadors VHS 2.0 Tour

X Ambassadors lead singer, Sam Harris, performing at The Wiltern on March 25, 2016.

Pop, soul, and good music. X Ambassadors has the whole audience erupting with cheer as they performed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on March 25,2016.

Opening the VHS 2.0 Tour were Powers and Seinabo Sey. Both acts were incredibly different. Powers performance relied on fun pop beats. For a small unknown band, Powers entertaining stage presence had the whole crowd dancing and singing a long. The duo, Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru,  different vocal styles were a nice surprise that made their music sound very unique. 

Seinabo Sey performing at The Wiltern on March 25,2016

The soulful melancholic music of Seinabo Sey made the whole auditorium gasp with emotion. Sey’s music is filled with torment and anguish, that makes you fall in love. Her musical style is very similar to Adele’s, both rely on the lyrics and voice to entertain the crowd.

For being two different genres, Powers and Seinabo Sey, were two of the best opening artists I have ever seen.

Without any doubt,  X Ambassadors is one of the best emerging rock/alternative bands.Not only are their music incredibly well produced, but their stage presence is incredible. Truly, some of the best performers out there.


The lead singer of the band, Sam Harris has incredible vocals that gives chills. His sensual voice and movements had all the females in the crowd cheering.

Another highlight of the band was the keyboardist, Casey Harris. The way he effortlessly performed, you would have never guessed Harris was born blind. His energy on stage is incredible, always jumping along to the music and never skipping a key. Harris is no doubt one of the best keyboardist.

The band sang all their hits from “Jungle” to “Renegade.”One of the best songs of the evening was the heart-wrenching “Unsteady,” this performance truly felt magical as everyone in the audience were singing their heart out.

Their is never a dull moment with X Ambassadors. The bands energy on stage is eye-catching. Every time Sam Harris picked up his saxophone the crowd would go crazy with anticipation. If your not familiar with X Ambassadors music, I still recommend everyone to go see them live. The bands music is so diverse and entertaining. Truly, a band worth spending your money on.

For more information on X Ambassadors VHS 2.0 Tour click here.


  1. Loveless
  2. Hang On
  3. Fear
  4. Unsteady
  5. Low Life
  6. Naked
  7. Nervous
  8. Gorgeous
  9. Jungle
  10. Renegades


  11. Giants
  12. Unconsolable



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