Concert Review: Atlas Genius, Skylar Grey and The Young Wild Wowed Crowed One Final Time

Saying goodbye is always hard, but Altas Genius gave “a perfect end” to their final tour performance on April 29, 2016 at El Rey Theater. The tour featured two stunning acts, The Young Wild and Atlas Genius.

With youthful looks and energy, The Young Wild is an appropriate name for this band. Hailing from San Diego, Ca, this youthful alternative band refreshingly had all the audience clapping along to their catchy indie sound. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed the set. Lead singer Bryan William has wonderful captivating vocals that go perfectly with the accompanied musical arrangements of his bandmates. With more years of experience, the band barely released an EP, I’m sure to be an enormous hit in music


With cool sensual voice that could rival any singer. Skylar Grey’s cofidence shined through as she performanced an array of music from rap to slow melancholic singles like ‘Moving Mountains.’ The extremely mult-talented singer had the audience captivated with her rap skills. Effortlessly, she rapped verse after verse.


Last year, I was lucky enough to witness Atlas Genius in action. The band has come far along as musicians. They have upped up their game and gave an awe-dropping performance.

The band flawlessly instrumentions were phemoninal. The band amazingly transitioned song after song without skipping a beat. With the addition of synths, the band brought forth a unique style of music.


Altas Genius are literally “geniuses” at incorporating contemporary top 40 covers to their setlist. The crowd erupted in cheer as The band effortlessly covered ‘Everbody Wants to Rule the World’,  incorporated Drakes ‘Hot Bling’ to ‘Centered on You’ and dueted with Skylar Grey on their own rendition of The Weeknds hit ‘The Hills.

As the saying goes “everything must come to an end,” the band ended their tour with one final performance of ‘Trojans,’ and recieved the best surprise when Skylar Grey and friends dressed up as trojans and a trojan condom costume and proceed to throw condoms to the crowd.


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