Bastille Reveal Music Video for ‘Good Grief’

Just last week Bastille unveiled their newest single “Good Grief.” Now they have released a music video to accompany the single. The video features the bands signature obscure style. The scenes include headless Dan Smith, robbery scenes where instead of a gun they are holding a teddy bear and various scenes that just don’t make sense. Check it out


Twenty One Pilots Debut “Heathens” Music Video

Twenty One Pilots have just released the music video for their latest single ‘Heathens.’ The video takes place in a jail cell and features clips from the up-and-coming film ‘Suicide Squad.’ The dark and gritty single was written specifically for the upcoming DC flick. Check it out.

Fresh Music Monday: ‘Forever’-MIAMIGO

If you are in the mood for a fun pop/rock single, I highly recommend the single ‘Forever’ by MIAMIGO.

‘Forever’ is an amazingly well produced single. I’m obsessed with the daring guitar riff that repeats itself throughout the song. Plus the chorus is so darn catchy. Ugh I love it.

Unfortunately, MIAMIGO’s musical background is pretty obscure. I’ve checked all their websites and after a quick search nothing comes up about their history except for this little excerpt:”MIAMIGO’s dark, twisted pop tales of the human condition examine both the bad and the beautiful air in life, laying bare the despair that hides behind the façade…”

Its a pretty interesting way to describe themselves as a band. Plus the name is pretty unique.

Check out the single below:


Single Review: ‘Titus was Born’ by Young the Giant

It’s still a mystery if Young the Giant’s newest single is inspired by the hilariously flamboyant Titus Andromedon from the Netflix show Kimmy Schmidt. I wishfully hope so since the band announced their newest single “Titus was Born” on social media today with the photo of the character.

The newest single is a prime example of the bands indie roots.  “Titus was Born” is a powerful ballad filled with soothing melodies that feel like a sweet lullaby. Sameer Gadhia emotionally sings and tells story of a man named Titus. Check it out and let me know what you think of the new single in the comment section below.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Release ‘Dark Necessities’ Music Video

Ever since I heard actress Olivia Wilde was chosen to direct the video music for  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dark Necessities.” I was deeply intrigued. The actress is no stranger to directing, she made her directorial debut earlier this year with the visually memorizing  “No Love Like Yours” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Honestly Olivia Wilde did a fantastic job directing “Dark Necessities.” Without any doubt the newest Red Hot Chili Peppers video captures the essence of the band.

The camera follows longboarders — Carmen Shafer, Amanda Caloia, Amanda Powell, and Noelle Mulligan — as they skate through the gritty landscape of Los Angeles. The video often highlights cuts and bruises they sustain. In contrast, the members of Red Hot Chili Peppers are seen rocking out and goofing off indoors in a darkly lit house.  Anthony Kiedis, obviously, sings shirtless in the video while the eccentric bassist Flea is seen rocking out inside a kitchen sink.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 11th LP titled The Getaway drops Friday.



Single Review: Bastille Returns with Single “Good Grief”

good-grief-bastilleIt’s been three years since Bastille exploded in the music scene with their debut album ‘Bad Blood.’ Its hard to believe that the band became an over night hit with the single “Pompeii.” For months on end the song would be played continuously across radio stations.

Over the course of the years, the band have been busy touring across the world. Now they are back with a new single.

“Good Grief” is the lead single from the upcoming second studio album titled “Wild World”, which will be released later in 2016.

A feminine voice utters”So what would you little maniacs like to do first?,” a bass solo begins and then lead singer Dan Smith belts out in that deep British voice. The single perfectly embodies Bastille’s musical style. The band is known for soulful yet upbeat songs. This single is just that. A cheery melody is combined with soulful lyrics of heartbreaking creating an emotionally inducing single. Check it out:


Artist Spotlight: Everywhere

Press-shot-1Inspired and named after the quote “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” by former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown. Everywhere’s unique style is sure to be a hit in the alternative world.

The band formed in 2012, with Swedish lead singer Max Berga emailing demos to a large number of producers around the world. After many failed attempts, Mark Needham, known for his work with The Killers and Imagine Dragons, offered the band an opportunity to fly to Los Angeles for some recording sessions. Overwhelmed with the proposal, Berga said yes on the spot only to realize once they had hung up, that he yet had no musicians.With limited time on his hands, he logged on to a Swedish website called Bandfinder and started to fire off emails to users, asking them if they wanted to “fly with him to Los Angeles and record some tunes.” After many failed attempts, he finally managed to find talented musicians and thus the band was formed.

In 2003, The group released it’s first single, ‘Eddie.‘ The brooding single filled with powerful piano keys was written regarding an ex-girlfriend of the singer who got into the fashion industry as a model where she got “used and abused“.

Currently, Everywhere is gearing up to release their sophomore EP in September. In preparation for the new album, the band has just released the second single for the Ep named “Some Other Dude.” The songs message of seizing the moment is combined with lively beats and witty lyrics. Berga’s deep vocals and upbeat musical tempo is strangely the perfect combination. I highly recommend you guys give it a listen.



Concert Review: The Mowgli’s Spring Tour Comes to An End

It’s always bittersweet to watch a band end a tour run. The indie band The Mowgli’s officially ended their spring tour on Friday, June 10 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.  Next time the band goes on tour it will be with an entirely new set list. As the band is expected to release a new album sometime in the fall.

The night was full of great performances as The Greeting Committee and Pom Poms opened up for the band. It’s always a fun experience to watch up-and-coming bands get some time in the spotlight and this time was no exception.

First of all, I was blown away by the youthfulness of The Greeting Committee. For being in their late teens, the band are already pros at entertaining a crowd. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during the first two songs.The band never skipped a beat and performed a fantastic set filled with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.  The most enjoyable aspect of the band was their group dynamic. Their performance was filled with playful banter between the band members.

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Single Review: Bury it by CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams


Last year, during a tour stop in Nasville, CHVRCHES surprised the audience and brought Paramore’s Hayley Williams onstage to help them sing Every Open Eye track “ Bury It. ”

Now the synthpop band has released a recorded studio remix of the track featuring the popular Paramore singer.

Although, I personally adore both CHVRCHES and Hayley William, this single definetly misses the mark.The single is definetly over-produced to make Williams voice sound as soft as CHVRCHES’ singer Lauren Mayberry.

Unfortunately both singers have entirely different vocal ranges that do not mesh together. Williams has more of a deeper raspy voice. Whereas Mayberry has a delicate and sweeter voice. It would have been interesting to let Williams different sound shine. Instead her voice sounds very forced.

Artist Spotlight: The Mowgli’s

Photo credit: Jesse DeFlorio                                  THE MOWGLI’S:(L-R) Andy Warren, Katie Jayne Earl, Colin Dieden, David Appelbaum, Matthew Di Panni, Josh Hoga

Known for their laid-back combination of pop, garage rock and 60’s Laurel Canyon folk sound.The eccentric California natives, THE MOWGLI’S, are slowly emerging as one of the one the best indie acts around.

Filled with lively beats and uplifting lyrics, The Mowgli’s bring a new style of music that stands out and puts you in a good mood.

The bands repertoire is filled with uplifting singles that celebrate positivity. For example, the single, ‘I’m Good’ is filled with messages of anti-bullying and of how important life is:

“You only live once
I’m good with myself
I’m there for my friends (I’m there for my friends)
Until the very end (’til the very end)”

Currently the band is working on their untitled third album that’s due out Fall 2016. The album is being produced by Mike Green who has worked with acts like All Time Low and Paramore.

In celebration of the upcoming album, the band recently released the new single “Freakin’ Me Out.” Based on its fun pop-rock melodies, it seems like the band is sticking to their energetic style of music.

If you live in California, the band will be performing at the intimate venue The Constellation Room in Santa Anna, Ca on Friday, Jun 10. Tickets are still on sale. For more information click here.