Album Review: Tegan and Sara-Love You to Death

1035x1035-tsShifting over the years from indie-rock to synthpop.The Canadian duo Tegan and Sara have successfully transformed their music into an explosion of personal confessions and lyrical pop masterpieces, with their eight studio album Love You to Death.

Tegan and Sarah are amazing at creating powerful lyrics.The whole album is filled with meaningful music that you’ll want to dissect for hours.

The album starts off with the soulful and powerful single, ‘That Girl.’ The song is filled with lyrics of regret about losing and finding yourself.

With the perfect combination of pop and synth, my favorite song off the album is ‘Dying to Know.’  The soft synth melody of the song reminds me  a lot of the music from the electric pop trio Chvrches. The song is filled with a catchy-pop chorus about confronting an ex-lover, “I’m dying to know/ Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?”

The playful single ‘Stop Desire’ is most memorable of the album. The fun beats and soft vocals make the single feel youthful and exciting.

The entire album feels like a continuous story about growing up and the heartbreak you go though in life.  Although lyrically, the album is memorable.  The music that accompanies these lyrics are not as memorable. This is not an album  I would listen to on repeat. None of the songs are interesting or different. Rather this is an album I would listen to if I want to reminisce about life.

Rating: 3/5


  1. That Girl
  2. Faint of Heart
  3. Boyfriend
  4. Dying to Know
  5. Stop Desire
  6. White Knuckles
  7. 100x
  8. BWU
  9. U-Turn
  10. Hang On to the Night


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