Concert Review: The Mowgli’s Spring Tour Comes to An End

It’s always bittersweet to watch a band end a tour run. The indie band The Mowgli’s officially ended their spring tour on Friday, June 10 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.  Next time the band goes on tour it will be with an entirely new set list. As the band is expected to release a new album sometime in the fall.

The night was full of great performances as The Greeting Committee and Pom Poms opened up for the band. It’s always a fun experience to watch up-and-coming bands get some time in the spotlight and this time was no exception.

First of all, I was blown away by the youthfulness of The Greeting Committee. For being in their late teens, the band are already pros at entertaining a crowd. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during the first two songs.The band never skipped a beat and performed a fantastic set filled with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.  The most enjoyable aspect of the band was their group dynamic. Their performance was filled with playful banter between the band members.

Pom Poms laid back musical style was an interesting addition to the tour.Their entire set felt like I was transported into the late 50s and 60s. Their music style was filled with influences of blues and rock & roll. Especially the dream like single ‘Betty’ felt like a song Lana Del Rey would perform.

The crowd went wild once The Mowgli’s hit the stage. With an enormous amount of energy, the band had the entire crowd singing along as they performed hits like ‘Freakin’ Me Out’ and ‘Say it,Just Say it.’

The entire set was filled with laughter and fun music. The Mowgli’s have perfectly mastered the concept of creating catchy choruses and lyrics that people enjoy listening to. Even if you do not know any of their songs, it’s hard to not bob your head to their energetic style.

During the concert, band member Katie Earl, took a moment to express the importance of self love. The band is a strong advocate of positivity. Most of their music contains messages of love and  self confidence.

It was an unforgettable night for the band as their band member Colin Dieden accidentally forgot the lyrics to their biggest hit ‘I’m Good.’ With the help of Earl, Dieden laughed it off and was able to bounce back and get back into the groove of the song.

Since the band consider themselves a quintessential California band, it was only right to end their night and tour run with the highly entertaining single ‘San Fransico.’ The band ended with a huge bang, as they let their musical talents go wild even after the song ended.

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