Artist Spotlight: Everywhere

Press-shot-1Inspired and named after the quote “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” by former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown. Everywhere’s unique style is sure to be a hit in the alternative world.

The band formed in 2012, with Swedish lead singer Max Berga emailing demos to a large number of producers around the world. After many failed attempts, Mark Needham, known for his work with The Killers and Imagine Dragons, offered the band an opportunity to fly to Los Angeles for some recording sessions. Overwhelmed with the proposal, Berga said yes on the spot only to realize once they had hung up, that he yet had no musicians.With limited time on his hands, he logged on to a Swedish website called Bandfinder and started to fire off emails to users, asking them if they wanted to “fly with him to Los Angeles and record some tunes.” After many failed attempts, he finally managed to find talented musicians and thus the band was formed.

In 2003, The group released it’s first single, ‘Eddie.‘ The brooding single filled with powerful piano keys was written regarding an ex-girlfriend of the singer who got into the fashion industry as a model where she got “used and abused“.

Currently, Everywhere is gearing up to release their sophomore EP in September. In preparation for the new album, the band has just released the second single for the Ep named “Some Other Dude.” The songs message of seizing the moment is combined with lively beats and witty lyrics. Berga’s deep vocals and upbeat musical tempo is strangely the perfect combination. I highly recommend you guys give it a listen.



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