Album Review: Glass Animals-How to be a Human Being

 It’s is safe to say that Glass Animals have avoided the dreaded sophomore slump with their newest album. The band have elevated their dark psychedelic musical signature and evidently grown as lyrical storytellers.

Appropriately named, How to be a Human Being, the album focus on autobiographical human experiences. The new record was inspired and, is told from the perspective of people the band encountered on the road.

The album is filled with shocking and thought provoking stories told in witty and creative formats. The album takes you through an emotional ride of different struggles. Most notable the single ‘[Premade Sandwhiches]’ introduces the subject of how people waste their lives “People complaining cos’ their mum whines/ People complaining about losing their minds”

The main attraction of the album are the witty and lyrics of each song. Every song incorporates some type of strange lyric. One of the most memorable comes from the song Pork Soda’, which includes the lyrics “Pineapples in my head/got Nobody ‘cos I’m brain dead.” Another highly fun single is the opener of the album, The brooding single titled ‘Life Itself.’ This single is filled with fun lyrics like, “I can’t get a job so I live with my mom.” The song is personally my favorite from the album , thanks to the extremely catchy chorus and powerful repetitive drum beats.

It’s evident that Glass Animals took creative chances with the new album. For example, the witty single ‘Season 2Episode 3’ incorporates video game beats with r&b style. It’s two combinations that shouldn’t work but do.

Although most of their songs are filled with obscure sounds.There are some that have a more dark style that leave goosebumps on your skin like Mama’s Gun, Cane Shuga and The Other Side of Paradise

Although each single has a different style, all blend together and makes sense as an album.  Glass Animals stay true to their dark indie style by delivering a brilliantly diverse album filled with instant hits. Definitely recommend this album.

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