Album Review: Group Love-Big Mess

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Group Love – Big Mess

Life may be a big mess sometimes, but Grouplove’s third and latest album, Big Mess, makes those struggles seem like a breeze with their signature cheery pop-rock style.

Grouplove is an American indie rock band that was formed in 2009. Band members include Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboards), Christian Zucconi (vocals, guitar), Sean Gadd (bass), Andrew Wessen (guitar, vocals), and Ryan Rabin (drums).

The album emphasizes on the bands anxieties and frustrations of the world. Hooper and Zucconi, romantic couple and band members, grew inspiration from their chaotic journey as they became to new parents.

Track-by-track review:

1. Welcome to Your Life– There’s no better way to open up an album than with a catchy tune! Welcome to Your life is that fun, chaotic, loud radio-friendly song.

2. Do You Love Someone-This pop-rock single is filled with fun unique beats. Highlights include the super catchy lyrics and chorus, “So tell me, do you love someone.” Do You Love Someone emphasizes on the bands free-spirited style, it one of the strongest singles of the album.
3. Standing in the Sun- The band reels their cheery signature for the mellowed single, Standing in the Sun.  The super repetitive ballad, is a nice single but ultimately misses the mark. Least memorable single off the album.
4. Enlighten Me- One of the most powerful songs off the album. The soulfully dark tune, is filled with haunting lyrics,  ‘or maybe on my deathbed I finally get answer.’  Definitely, not Group loves usual style, yet its whisper and tranquil song leaves goosebumps on you skin.
5. Good Morning- Fun. Youthful. Gets stuck in your head all day. Definitely a winning single.
6. Spinning- Least favorite single of  the album. Zucconi voice sounds strain and whiny. It definetly doesn’t mesh well with Hooper’s sweet feminine voice.
7. Cannonball-  Definitely the most different single from the entire album. Cannonball’s unique style feels out of place. The song’s chaotically dark rock and synth rhythms give a grunge feeling that’s not Grouploves usual MO.
8. Traumatized-The single is the perfect package its fun, dark and filled with an old school punk-rock style
  ****favorite song off the whole album.
9. Heart of Mine- Following the albums rock trend, Heart of Mine’s melody is very generic. It’s one of those single that you’ve heard thousands of times on the radio.
10. Don’t Stop Making It Happen- This single is the definition of chaotic. Its filled with fun repetitive chorus and entertaining lyrics. The singles loud production perfectly describes Grouplove’s feel-good style

11. Hollywood- In a rare twist, the band ends the album with the emotional single, Hollywood. The heavyhearted single is filled with deep lyrics, ‘But I’ve got something classical/ To keep the people wanting more.’ It’s define undeniably the most depressing way to end an album.

Final Verdict:

Grouploves latest albums seems to be all over the place. So many different musical techniques and styles are shoved into the album, that it’s hard to find the theme. The album transitions rapidly from flashy pop song to deep morning full tunes. Sometimes without giving the listener time to savor each and every single. Although there are definitely a handful of marvelous winning singles, the whole album is nothing new. The band definetly plays it safe.

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