Concert Review: Bastille Bring Wild World to LA

To promote their sophomore album Wild World, Bastille has been very busy performing at some of the first venues they ever played in the U.S. On Monday, Oct. 09, ‘The Born to Be Wild World North American Mini-Tour Tour’ came to an end at LA’s most famous and intimate venue, The Troubador.

In front of super fans and new listeners, the band transformed their set into two marvelous acts. The first act, celebrated of the new album. The band performed Wild World in its entirety.

Humbly, admitting they were still adjusting to the new songs, the band sure knows how to get a crowd to go wild. The band opened with the first single off the new album, Good Grief. Song after song, everyone was sweating and dancing around. The newest album by the band is filled with an enormous amount of variety and unique sounds.

From slow depressing songs like ‘Two Evils’ to infectious songs like’Set Them Off,’ the bands diversity and electric mixing always got the crowd going crazy. The band even gave a special first time performance of the single, ‘Way Beyond.’  Lead singer Dan Smith proclaimed he might forget the lyrics, but the song seemed seamless performed. If your ever considering watching a band live. I definitely recommend Bastille. 

 Dan Smith has one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. He sounds so much better live than in the recordings and that’s something very refreshing. Not many artists can bring so much energy to life. Yet Smiths deep voice and crazy dance moves are mesmerizing. Not only is Smith bloody talented. So are his band mates, who produce a massive amount of different styles of music.

For spending four years repeatedly playing their debut album over and over again, the newest additions seem flawless. The only technical issue the band encounters were sound problems. Smith had to repeatedly make hand gestures to fix the volume. But overall Wild World sounds fantastic live.

The second act, brought the band back to their roots. It was all about the bands first album ‘Bad Blood.’ The band played the albums top hit songs: Flaws, Things We Lost in the Fire, Bad Blood and Pompeii. During Flaws, Smith spectacularly attempted to travel through the crowd. It was a special moment for fans considering the venue is extremely tiny.

Final thought:

The pre-tour seems like a wonderful practice run on the amazing concert experiences the band will create in the upcoming months.

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