Album of Review: Kings of Leon Return with Personal Album, “WALLS”

kings-of-leon-walls-2016-2480x2480Its been a whirlwind career for Nashville rockers, Kings of Leon. People either love them or hate them. The reason for the strange reception is their inconsistency to live up to Only By The Night’s, the album that catapulted the band into mega-stardom.  The 2010’s album Come Around Sundown was hated by fan. Luckily. the band bounced back with 2013’s Mechanical Bull. 

After a three year hiatus, the band is back with their seventh studio album, Walls (We Are Like Love Songs).

Although the album lacks smash hits, it consistently delivers solid emotionally driven songs. The album stays true to the southern indie rock style.The album begins with ‘Waste of Moment, ‘ a heavy guitar single filled the bands signature harmonization.

All tracks written by the band. The entire album feels more personal. Frontman, Caleb Followill whispery voice sounds more relax and mature. The album feels like a reflection of the bands struggles. The single, ‘Conversation Piece,’ is a clear example emphasizing the bands personal journey, “Get me out of California/Take out there to the blue.”

The entire album does have its upbeat moments, ‘Around the World’ is written with a rapidly fun lyrics, “Been around the world been around the world.The stormy gates and the maiden Pearl.” Another single that is fun to listen to is the guitar eccentric single  “Eyes On You.”

Kings of Leon created an album that is filled with song that sound similar to one another. It feels generic. The album is filled an enormous about of emotional southern rock songs,  that leaves you feeling depressed and are hard to distinguish. Although lyrically the album is amazing, their is nothing special that stands above the rest.

Song list:

  1. Waste a Moment
  2. Reverend
  3. Around the World
  4. Find Me
  5. Over
  6. Muchacho
  7. Conversation Piece
  8. Eyes on You
  9. Wild
  10. WALLS

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