Phoenix Announce New Album “Ti Amo”

French disco-rock band Phoenix are back on the music scene. It’s been four years since the band released its last album, “Bankrupt!” In an exclusive interview with The New York Times, the group announced and gave detail on their upcoming album “Ti Amo.” which will be out on June 9.

For “Ti Amo,” the band found an unorthodox place to create music: an old opera house, in the heart of Paris, that had been refashioned into a tech incubator, museum and concert hall. Starting in 2014, Phoenix took over a space on the top floor, where they installed synthesizers and recording gear and got to work.

The album will contain hits of darkness that surrounded the group while it recorded in Paris during a turbulent time, as its hometown absorbed a swell of refugees, underwent a surge in alt-right sentiment and endured terrorist attacks.
On the night of the attacks at the Bataclan, guitarist Christian Mazzalai was trapped in the studio, where the band was recording after the police shut down Paris.

But do freight Phoenix’s vibrant signature sound will still be front and center. According to the article, “it may be the band’s most unabashedly romantic record yet, powered by a sleek, midtempo dance pulse and a vibe that the guitarist Laurent Brancowitz said recalls “summer and Italian discos.”

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