Concert Review: Bastille Bring Wild World to LA

To promote their sophomore album Wild World, Bastille has been very busy performing at some of the first venues they ever played in the U.S. On Monday, Oct. 09, ‘The Born to Be Wild World North American Mini-Tour Tour’ came to an end at LA’s most famous and intimate venue, The Troubador.

In front of super fans and new listeners, the band transformed their set into two marvelous acts. The first act, celebrated of the new album. The band performed Wild World in its entirety.

Humbly, admitting they were still adjusting to the new songs, the band sure knows how to get a crowd to go wild. The band opened with the first single off the new album, Good Grief. Song after song, everyone was sweating and dancing around. The newest album by the band is filled with an enormous amount of variety and unique sounds.

From slow depressing songs like ‘Two Evils’ to infectious songs like’Set Them Off,’ the bands diversity and electric mixing always got the crowd going crazy. The band even gave a special first time performance of the single, ‘Way Beyond.’  Lead singer Dan Smith proclaimed he might forget the lyrics, but the song seemed seamless performed. If your ever considering watching a band live. I definitely recommend Bastille.  Continue reading “Concert Review: Bastille Bring Wild World to LA”

Concert Review: The Mowgli’s Spring Tour Comes to An End

It’s always bittersweet to watch a band end a tour run. The indie band The Mowgli’s officially ended their spring tour on Friday, June 10 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.  Next time the band goes on tour it will be with an entirely new set list. As the band is expected to release a new album sometime in the fall.

The night was full of great performances as The Greeting Committee and Pom Poms opened up for the band. It’s always a fun experience to watch up-and-coming bands get some time in the spotlight and this time was no exception.

First of all, I was blown away by the youthfulness of The Greeting Committee. For being in their late teens, the band are already pros at entertaining a crowd. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during the first two songs.The band never skipped a beat and performed a fantastic set filled with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.  The most enjoyable aspect of the band was their group dynamic. Their performance was filled with playful banter between the band members.

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Concert Review: Atlas Genius, Skylar Grey and The Young Wild Wowed Crowed One Final Time

Saying goodbye is always hard, but Altas Genius gave “a perfect end” to their final tour performance on April 29, 2016 at El Rey Theater. The tour featured two stunning acts, The Young Wild and Atlas Genius.

With youthful looks and energy, The Young Wild is an appropriate name for this band. Hailing from San Diego, Ca, this youthful alternative band refreshingly had all the audience clapping along to their catchy indie sound. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed the set. Lead singer Bryan William has wonderful captivating vocals that go perfectly with the accompanied musical arrangements of his bandmates. With more years of experience, the band barely released an EP, I’m sure to be an enormous hit in music


With cool sensual voice that could rival any singer. Skylar Grey’s cofidence shined through as she performanced an array of music from rap to slow melancholic singles like ‘Moving Mountains.’ The extremely mult-talented singer had the audience captivated with her rap skills. Effortlessly, she rapped verse after verse.


Last year, I was lucky enough to witness Atlas Genius in action. The band has come far along as musicians. They have upped up their game and gave an awe-dropping performance.

The band flawlessly instrumentions were phemoninal. The band amazingly transitioned song after song without skipping a beat. With the addition of synths, the band brought forth a unique style of music.


Altas Genius are literally “geniuses” at incorporating contemporary top 40 covers to their setlist. The crowd erupted in cheer as The band effortlessly covered ‘Everbody Wants to Rule the World’,  incorporated Drakes ‘Hot Bling’ to ‘Centered on You’ and dueted with Skylar Grey on their own rendition of The Weeknds hit ‘The Hills.

As the saying goes “everything must come to an end,” the band ended their tour with one final performance of ‘Trojans,’ and recieved the best surprise when Skylar Grey and friends dressed up as trojans and a trojan condom costume and proceed to throw condoms to the crowd.


Concert Review: X Ambassadors VHS 2.0 Tour

X Ambassadors lead singer, Sam Harris, performing at The Wiltern on March 25, 2016.

Pop, soul, and good music. X Ambassadors has the whole audience erupting with cheer as they performed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on March 25,2016.

Opening the VHS 2.0 Tour were Powers and Seinabo Sey. Both acts were incredibly different. Powers performance relied on fun pop beats. For a small unknown band, Powers entertaining stage presence had the whole crowd dancing and singing a long. The duo, Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru,  different vocal styles were a nice surprise that made their music sound very unique.  Continue reading “Concert Review: X Ambassadors VHS 2.0 Tour”

Concert Journal: KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2015

Every year the Los Angeles radio station 106.7 KROQ hosts their annual Almost Acoustic Christmas show, bringing the best artists on one stage for two different nights. Although tons of people complained online stating the lineup was “crappy” and “gets worse every year.” I personally liked the lineups and bought tickets for the first night.
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Concert Journal- Coleman Hell and New Politics: An Explosive Concert Combination

The best concerts usually occurs during the weekends. When all work and school commitments are done and you are ready to enjoy the weekend and have fun. Yet, New Politics concert on Dec.8, felt like a huge party. One that you never wanted to end.

The concert started with a performance from the newbie band New Beat Fund. The stage was decorated with neon colors and silly face.


When the band performed the lead singer Micheal Johnsons’ mannerisms reminded me so much of Cage the Elephant’s singer Matt Shultz. They both have this undeniable fun presence, where they get carried away that to the groove of the music and dance the performance away.The band had catchy tunes, but the crowd was not as enthusiastic about the sound and most seemed unfamiliar by the music. Continue reading “Concert Journal- Coleman Hell and New Politics: An Explosive Concert Combination”

Concert Journal: Atlas Genius and Marian Hill Set off Altimate December 2 Remember Concert Series


To make the last month of the year even more memorable, Atlas Genius kicked off 98.7 Altimate December to Remember concert series on December 1st.

Marian Hill opened the concert with an electric bang. The band is a duo from Philadelphia, made up of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol. Continue reading “Concert Journal: Atlas Genius and Marian Hill Set off Altimate December 2 Remember Concert Series”

Smallpools Killer Show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca

Smallpools latest tour, The American Love Tour featuring special guests Phoebe Ryan and Machine Heart,  is sadly coming to an end. On Nov. 5th, the band played their second-to-last show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.


The bright green hair is the first thing you notice about Phoebe Ryan. Once she opens her mouth, a breathy sweet vocal similar to those of Tove Lo can be heard.  You can’t help but fall in love with her voice. Its incredible how small petite girl can have such a beautiful strong voice. Her indie pop music layered with synths was the perfect opener for The American Love tour.

After Ryan’s performance, indie pop band, Machineheart played a very short 30 min set.  Lead singer Stevie Scott’s voice reminds me of a mix of Carly Rae Jepsen and Florence Welch . She has a sweet feminine voice like Jepsen yet at the same time a raspy soft voice like Welch. The group was fun to hear, they even played a verse from a Britney Spears song making the whole crowd go wild. Machineheart’s music is very fun and upbeat, filled with catchy drum beats.

Rocking a bright red jacket, frontman Sean Scanlon and the rest of the members of Smallpools, gave a spectacular performance.  The band opened with the song ‘Over & Over,’ and had the crowd going crazy, jumping around and signing-along.  The band’s catchy repetitive pop tunes, are easy to remember and fun to hear.

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Concert Journal:Kroq Halloween Costume Ball Ft. Cage the Elephant

wpid-2015-10-30-11.38.26-1.jpg.jpegOn Friday, Oct. 30th, the Los Angeles station 106.7 KROQ, hosted their annual Halloween Costume Ball which featured DJ Jeremiad, Peking Duk, and Cage The Elephant.

The first two acts, DJ Jeremaid and Peking Duk, kept the crowd entertained playing many Halloween themed songs and EDM tracks. The whole audience seemed to enjoy the music but most were just was patiently waiting for the headliner’s Cage the Elephant

Decked out in fun costumes, Cage the Elephants, went on stage and the crowd went wild. The band performed all their hits and even the new track “Mess Around.”

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Concert Journal: “Let the Kids Riot” tour ft. The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons

In an intimate venue filled with screaming teens, mostly girls, the ‘Let the Kids Riot’ tour featuring-The Mosers, Night Riots and Young Rising Sons- kicked off on Oct. 29 at The Constellation Room in Santa Anna, Ca.

The first band to perform was the rock band, The Mosers.
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