Fresh Music Monday: Gorillaz-Momentz

Like everyone else, I listened to Gorillaz highly anticipated album Humanz this past weekend. Although there was definitely some hits and misses, there was one single that stood out the most, “Momentz(featuring De La Soul).” The first time I listened to it, it just screams Gorillaz. Its so odd and different. It reminds me so much of, “Feel Good Inc.” Its a single that people will absolutely go crazy for, with immensely fun lyrics and over the top production.

Fresh Music Monday: ‘Turn It Up’ -The Wrecks

The fun rumbuctious style, was the first thing that caught my attention.  “Turn It Up” by The Wrecks is catchy mix of nostalgia and youthfulness. The single’s chaotic style–filled with memorable guitar riffs and drum beats– is the perfect mix of indie rock and punk.  The witty/catchy lyrics are unique and one of kind. The band ability to demonstrate their youthful through the fast paced single, definitely makes ‘Turn It Up’ a must listen.

The Wrecks hail from Los Angeles, Ca. The group consists of Nick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Nick Schmidt (guitar), Harrison Nussbaum (guitar), Aaron Kelley (bass), and Billy Nally (drums). 

Fresh Music Monday: ‘Forever’-MIAMIGO

If you are in the mood for a fun pop/rock single, I highly recommend the single ‘Forever’ by MIAMIGO.

‘Forever’ is an amazingly well produced single. I’m obsessed with the daring guitar riff that repeats itself throughout the song. Plus the chorus is so darn catchy. Ugh I love it.

Unfortunately, MIAMIGO’s musical background is pretty obscure. I’ve checked all their websites and after a quick search nothing comes up about their history except for this little excerpt:”MIAMIGO’s dark, twisted pop tales of the human condition examine both the bad and the beautiful air in life, laying bare the despair that hides behind the façade…”

Its a pretty interesting way to describe themselves as a band. Plus the name is pretty unique.

Check out the single below:


Fresh Music Monday: ‘Atomic Man’ by Portugal. The Man

Need a song to rock out to? Well look no further, this week I recommend the song ‘Atomic Man’ by Portugal. The Man.  It filled with infinite amounts of guitar riffs and drum beats that just make you want to go ballistic.

I’m honestly quite surprised that Portugal. The Man aren’t as popular. They have great variety of their music, with highly unusual lyrics, that are so unforgettable and fascinating.  I absolutely love this bands style. Not to mention their music videos are a trip to watch.

Fresh Music Monday: ‘Evie’ Last Dinosaurs

If you are searching for fun indie music, I definitely recommend the single ‘Evie’ by the Australian band  Last Dinosaurs. The single starts off with catchy guitar riffs that remind me of a mix of Atlas Genius and The Wombats. The tune is a song I could definitely see being aired on the radio. Its a great combination of indie, pop and rock.


Fresh Music Monday: “Everything” by Kaptan

Hello everyone, another week is upon us. To get in the rhythm of things, I highly recommend you guys to listen “Everything” by Kaptan.

Sweet and cheerful is a perfect way to describe this song. The song is filled with a fun and motivational chorus “Everything is alright/ Everything’s gonna be/Keep your head up, head up.”Not to mention the singers soft voice goes perfectly with the rhythm and beats of the music.

Fresh Music Monday:Finish Ticket “Color”

First off, Sorry everyone for the lack of updates and content lately. Its been a hard couple of months juggling school and other stuff. Going to try my hardest to update daily.

Anyways, lately I’ve been obsessed with the song “Color” by Finish Ticket. The band is an American musical group from San Francisco, California. They been in the music scene since 2008. I am completely in love with the lead singers voice and the overall style of their music. Its a fantastic blend of pop, indie and alternative. The beat of this songs are combined perfectly with the lead singers soft rugged voice. With super fun catchy melodies, this song perfect to brighten up anyone’s day.

Fresh Music Monday: RAC ft. Speak ‘One House’

This Monday I recommend the song “One House” by RAC featuring Speak. The melodies of this song are amazingly catchy and upbeat, plus I am in love with the sweet raspy voice of the singer. The song is the perfect combination of indie, pop and electronic. Enjoy