Single Review: Miley Cyrus Returns With New Single ‘Malibu’

Miley Cyrus is one again changing her music identity. This time, returning to her rock and country roots with her first single “Malibu,” which will be featured in her untitled LP, expected to arrive later this year. The single is a huge departure from the extravagant person Cyrus previously portrayed. The single is stripped down, showing an emotionally vulnerable side from the singer. The focus is on Cyrus’ simple vocals, and lovestruck lyrics which are written about Cyrus longtime love, Liam Hemsworth.

Single Review: The Japanese House- ‘Saw You In A Dream’

Up and coming indie pop act, The Japanese House, have delivered a unique yet simple single, that does not rely on over the top productions. For those unfamilar with  The Japanese House, the act consisting of solo artist Amber Bain and in total has released three EPs; Pools to Bathe InClean, and Swim Against the Tide. If your a fan of Lana Del Rey, I highly reccomend you listen to The Japanese House. Bain has a mellow soft spoken voice that is very reminiscent to Del Rey. The only difference is that Bain depends more on pop-synth. Her breathy vocals mesh perfectly with the low tempo melody of synth music.

Review: Weezer Goes Pop with Single “Feels Like Summer”

Instead of celebrating the start of spring, Weezer is bring summer early with their new single “Feels Like Summer.” The single’s eccentric pop and synth production is an experimental delight. Fans might not like how it strays away from Weezer’s signature indie rock sound, but I think it’s quite enjoyable. Its catchy and still has those funky Weezer lyrics.

The single is assumed to be the lead single of The Black Album. The follow up album to last years,  White Album. Lead singer, Rivers Cuomo has previously stated that the album would be more gritty, tackling  “more mature topics” and be “less summer day and more winter night.” But with the realize of this single, its feels like that might not be 100% true.



Single Review: ‘Titus was Born’ by Young the Giant

It’s still a mystery if Young the Giant’s newest single is inspired by the hilariously flamboyant Titus Andromedon from the Netflix show Kimmy Schmidt. I wishfully hope so since the band announced their newest single “Titus was Born” on social media today with the photo of the character.

The newest single is a prime example of the bands indie roots.  “Titus was Born” is a powerful ballad filled with soothing melodies that feel like a sweet lullaby. Sameer Gadhia emotionally sings and tells story of a man named Titus. Check it out and let me know what you think of the new single in the comment section below.

Single Review: Bastille Returns with Single “Good Grief”

good-grief-bastilleIt’s been three years since Bastille exploded in the music scene with their debut album ‘Bad Blood.’ Its hard to believe that the band became an over night hit with the single “Pompeii.” For months on end the song would be played continuously across radio stations.

Over the course of the years, the band have been busy touring across the world. Now they are back with a new single.

“Good Grief” is the lead single from the upcoming second studio album titled “Wild World”, which will be released later in 2016.

A feminine voice utters”So what would you little maniacs like to do first?,” a bass solo begins and then lead singer Dan Smith belts out in that deep British voice. The single perfectly embodies Bastille’s musical style. The band is known for soulful yet upbeat songs. This single is just that. A cheery melody is combined with soulful lyrics of heartbreaking creating an emotionally inducing single. Check it out:


Single Review: Bury it by CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams


Last year, during a tour stop in Nasville, CHVRCHES surprised the audience and brought Paramore’s Hayley Williams onstage to help them sing Every Open Eye track “ Bury It. ”

Now the synthpop band has released a recorded studio remix of the track featuring the popular Paramore singer.

Although, I personally adore both CHVRCHES and Hayley William, this single definetly misses the mark.The single is definetly over-produced to make Williams voice sound as soft as CHVRCHES’ singer Lauren Mayberry.

Unfortunately both singers have entirely different vocal ranges that do not mesh together. Williams has more of a deeper raspy voice. Whereas Mayberry has a delicate and sweeter voice. It would have been interesting to let Williams different sound shine. Instead her voice sounds very forced.

Single Review: “Let Me Love You” by Ariana Grande ft. Lil Wayne

After releasing the track-listing for her anticipated third album titled Dangerous Women. Ariana Grande has released the sultry single, ‘Let Me Love You’ featuring Lil Wayne. This song has a more R&B feel than the singles ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Dangerous Women.’

The moody single begins with the words, ” I just broke up with my ex/ Now I’m out here single.”  This single is a more mature tone than her other singles. The song is filled with sexual tone that focuses on Grande’s seductively soft voice.  Even Lil Wayne raps about her more mature and sexy image, “Okay, Ariana my lil mama/ goodbye to the good girl.”

Overall, this song is a nice addition to her upcoming album. Although it is not the strongest single she has released. Its hard to compete with the phenomenal vocal range in the single ‘Dangerous Women.’ The single is a refreshing change from her typical pop sound.

With each release, Ariana is proving that she is one of the best pop artists in the world. Dangerous Women will be released on May 20th.


Single Review: Amerika by Young the Giant

Young the Giant melancholy style is front-and-center in their new single”Amerika.” The first time I listened to the song, I was on the fence on whether I liked it or not. I’m not a huge fan of the extremely mellow tone this song has. Sameer Gadhia strong vocals often over power the music and are the highlight of the song. But the more I listen to the song, the more it grew on me. The emotional lyrics make you feel devastatingly hopeless. The song emphasizes on how someone can lose their way in life to greedy dreams , “I was searching for something as I watched you run/I was sad when you said that you never really wanted some” The song is a great introduction for their upcoming album Home Of The Strange – available August 12th.