Walk the Moon concert review

On Thursday, I attended the sold-out concert of indie rock band Walk the Moon, who performed at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood.

As I was making line to enter the concert, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the people attending the concert were either teens or people in their early 20s. Most of the concertgoers creatively donned colorful war paint, a huge staple of the band. In the music video for “Anna Sun” the band cover themselves in paint.

The opening band was named The Griswolds, I have never heard of them until that day and honestly they weren’t bad at all. The songs they performed were extremely catchy, reminiscent of the music from the band MGMT.

Walk the Moon performance was one of the best I have ever seen. The band opened with the song “Different Colors”, a very upbeat song that complimented the vibrant lighting of the venue. The best surprise of the night was that the band covered the Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done.” My favorite band in the whole world is The Killers. So to see another band who I adore, cover one of their song just left me shocked and breathless.

20150312_211823Overall the band was amazing live, I was dancing and singing along for the whole set. They ended the night with the first song that made them famous, “Anna Sun” the whole crowd went wild and it was the perfect way to end the set. By the end of the concert, I was left sweaty and tired but if I could I would definitely relive this concert again.

Mumford & Sons signature style is nowhere insight in new single


Yesterday Mumford & Sons debuted their new single “believe” and surprisingly their signature banjo playing style is nowhere in sight.

The song starts with a slow tempo, solely highlighting Marcus Mumford’s voice, then around the two-minute mark the song is filled with powerful electric guitar sounds. The new sound of the band come after the band promised they were going to shake things up for their third album, which will be available on May 4.
Online many are complaining, stating that they should stick to their signature folk style and that they should not start sounding like other rock artists like Coldplay.

However, I disagree, it is refreshing to watch artists change up their sound and try new things. If artists always stuck to doing the same thing, then they would not grow and most of the music would always sound the same. I personally enjoyed the new song they released; the lyrics and the tempo go perfectly together. I applaud Mumford & Sons for trying something new and hope the new album is just as great as the single released.

Quirkiness translates into fascinating music: Walk the Moon

img-walk-the-moon_154833851571With catchy lyrics and melodies that never leave your mind. The Ohio based pop/indie rock band Walk the Moon creates upbeat music that makes you feel like dancing and have fun.

The name of the band was inspired by The Police’s song “Walking on the Moon. According to the lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, they are influenced by The Police’s mystery and playfulness.

Walk the Moon has amazingly memorable songs, with song titles like “I Can Lift a Car” to “Shut up and Dance.” The band has a unique style of making songs, that are spontaneous and unique.

My favorite song is ” We are the Kids” from the album Talking Hard. It is currently my favorite because it’s a weirdly interesting song. The song is upbeat but contains lyrics like “We are the kids that you never can kill.” The lyrics show that the song is meant to be dark and mysterious, which is contradictory with it’s melodies.

Even the music videos the band makes are quirky and fun. The music video for “Shut up and Dance” is an example of that. The music video is a funny video, where they make awkward dancing seem entertaining. The band has an incredible amount of energy that shows that they have a great time making music. This band is becoming more and more popular thanks their reminiscent 80s pop rock style.

Song of the week: Cage the Elephant ‘Cigarette Daydream’

cigdd-846Since having the pleasure of watching the band Cage the Elephant perform recently I have re-discovered my obsession with the song “Cigarette Daydream.

I enjoy the song so much because it is a great song to listen to when you are in a bad mood and just want want to get lost in the melody of the song. The sweet and mellow melody, makes the song so memorable and can be stuck in your head for hours. The lead singer, Matt Shultz, has a very unique and one of a kind type of voice. He may not be the best singer in the world, but he pours his soul into the song.

With lyrics like “You can drive all night. Looking for the answers in the pouring rain”, you can tell that the song is about feeling lost and vulnerable, looking for answers to a relationship gone wary. This is something anyone could relate to, we all have gone through relationships where we feel lost.

Catfish and The Bottlemen Rapidly Becoming a Huge Success

catfish-and-the-bottlemen-2014-press-billboard-650With an unusual sounding name, the band Catfish and the Bottlemen is sure making the perfect first impression!This band is a young Welsh indie rock band formed in Liandudno, North Wales. Lead singer, Van McCann, named the band Catfish and the Bottlemen in honor of his first memory of music, where he met a street performer out on the harbour called Catfish the Bottleman who would play in a man-made instrument of wine bottles.

They recently debuted their new album titled “The Balcony” and let me tell you I am completely obsessed with the album. Their sing “Cocoon” is my favorite song from the album, the lyrics and melody of the song are catchy and clever. The best thing about the song is the beat which switches from a slow relaxing tune into a great uplifting song.

The first thing that caught my attention is that the lead singer has an incredible voice. I can listen to him for hours and never get tired. I recently saw a video of him on youtube performing a cover of The Killers song Read My Mind and it blew me away. Van MCCan can do something most musicians struggle to do and that is to sing live.  He is so natural at singing and truly seems happy to perform.

I have a feeling this band is going to become a huge success for the simple reason that they have great music that is extremely catchy and they are also a relatively young band that can become better overtime.