American Music Awards 2015: Highlights

The American Music Awards took place on Sunday, Nov. 22 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The awards ceremony was hosted by singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

The Latin beauty opened the award ceremony with a medley of the hits of 2015

5 Seconds of Summer made all the girls scream while performing “Hey Everybody”

Selena Gomez proves she can sing in a sexy performance of “Same Old Love.”

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Showdown between One Direction and Justin Bieber, both release albums on Friday Nov.13

Fan girls are going to have a hard time deciding which album to buy this week. Both One Direction and Justin Bieber are releasing their albums on Friday Nov.13

One Direction-Made in the A.M.

imageMade in the A.M. is the fifth studio album by the boy-band. The album is the group’s first without member Zayn Malik, who departed from the group on March 25, 2015. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the band revealed that the album will have “old-school vibes,” stating, “There’s a few different sounds on the album, not all the songs sound the same, like, same vibe. They are all kind of different,” Niall revealed. “Couple of different guitars and drums. It’s a lot different than what we did before… but, it’s cool.” This album will also be marked as their last before the group takes an extended hiatus in 2016.

Deluxe Track-listing:

1. Hey Angel
2. Drag Me Down
3. Perfect
4. Infinity
5. End of the Day
6. If I Could Fly
7. Long Way Down
8. Never Enough
9. Olivia
10. What a Feeling
11. Love You, Goodbye
12. I Want To Write You A Song
13. History
14. Temporary Fix
15. Walking In The Wind
16. Wolves
17. A.M.

Justin Bieber- Purpose

Justin_Bieber_-_Purpose_(Official_Album_Cover)Justin Bieber is ready to let the world know he is a changed man. Its been three years since Bieber released his third studio album Believe(2012). The new album titled Purpose will be an explosion of synthesis dance music and modern R&B. It is mostly thanks to his collaborations with Jack U (Skrillex and Diplo. In an interview with USA Today, Justin revealed “I want to tell my story, but I also want to give people hope. I lost hope for a while, I was in a dark place, but it’s about getting out of that rut. It’s about knowing there’s sunshine on the other side. “

Deluxe Track-listing:

1) Mark My Words
2) I’ll Show You
3) What Do You Mean?
4) Sorry
5) Love Yourself (this is the one with Ed!)
6) Company
7) No Pressure featuring Big Sean
8) No Sense featuring Travi$ Scott
9) The Feeling featuring Halsey
10) Life Is Worth Living
11) Where Are Ü Now featuring Jack Ü
12) Children
13) Purpose
14) Been You
15) Get Used To Me
16) We Are featuring Nas
17) Trust
18) All In It
19) What Do You Mean (Remix)

Lazy Music Video Sunday: Recap

Hello everyone! This is a recap of all the music videos released this week. Enjoy….

Sia – Alive

The best music video this week has got to be Sia’s Alive. Not only is the song beautiful; Sia’s voice in the song is just incredible. But the music video  is very simple and just as powerful. The video’s premise is quite simple. It’s  just of the little girl, wearing a Sia style wig, performing some Karate moves with some powerful facial expressions. The video is fun to watch, I was memorized by the girls moves and she’s definitely someone you don’t want to mess.

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Justin Bieber Drops New Single ‘Sorry’

justin-bieber-sorry-dance-video__iphoneJustin Bieber is on the roll with catchy hits! On Thursday, he released a new single in the form of a fun dance video. The song is produced by Blood and Skrillex.

The newest single is filled with fun electronic sound that is very reminiscent of his current hits “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean”

Biebers album titled ‘Purpose’ drops on Nov. 13.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the video!

Is Justin Bieber Still Vying for Selena Gomez’s Attention?

Kevork Djansezian/AMA2011/Getty

It may seem that Justin Bieber is still not over Selena Gomez. A very dedicated fan on twitter has pointed out through Twitter that Selena Gomez made a special “appearance” in Justin Bieber’s video for “What Do You Mean?”.

In the video it appears that Selena’s name has been tagged on the wall surrounded by the words “HOPE,” “LOVE,” and even the initials “JB.” 



This isnt the first time  Selena Gomez has been spotted in a Bieber music video. It seems that in the music video for “Where are You Now”, her name also ends up pops out.


Whatever the case maybe be, the on and off-again relationship betweens these too is tiring and a bit annoying…

Justin Bieber’s New Single Leaked


Its common for new music to be leaked online. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber was the latest victim and was forced to  dropped his latest single “What Do You Mean?” on Friday, just hours after the lyric video leaked online early.

Bieber made no mention of the leak, instead teased fans via Twitter, and then posted the song’s Spotify link with a simple “I’m back.”

The song is a dance filled and melodic song, that will sure be a huge success.

Check it out:

Justin Bieber is headed to the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend


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