Album Review: The Mowgli’s Bring Cali Fun Vibes with Fourth Album ‘Where’d Your Weekend Go?’ 

Indie pop band, The Mowgli’s keeps the summer vibe alive with their fourth album, Where’d Your Weekend Go? 

True to the bands signature Cali style, the band newest album is infectiously fun. The album takes the listener through an adventure of deep life lessons in a energetic production.

The band plays it safe with the album, showcasing the groups perfect harmonization and contagious lyrics.The album begins with the carefree, “don’t care about anything” anthem, ‘So What.’

The Mowgli’s created a solid album, showcasing their vibrant style while adding tiny trickles of new sounds. The single ‘Monster,’ demonstrates the bands ability to produce a faced paced gritty single filled with an infectious repetitive piano note. ‘Last Forever,’ is also produced with an infectious melody that is perfect to sing along to. One of my personal favorites,  ‘Spacin out’ contains energetically high paced lyrics that are perfectly combined with a jazzy vibe. ‘Arms & Legs’, channels in the bands soulful energy, to create a folk style song about a horrible depressing relationship.

Final thoughts: Every single uses the bands strength, yet overall the album feels average. The band needs to get over their comfort zone and grow as a band. The Mowgli’s play it safe with their music. The band uses the same format for most of their songs, they create happy and fun productions filled with infectious hamonizations(which sound amazing).

Concert Review: The Mowgli’s Spring Tour Comes to An End

It’s always bittersweet to watch a band end a tour run. The indie band The Mowgli’s officially ended their spring tour on Friday, June 10 at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Ca.  Next time the band goes on tour it will be with an entirely new set list. As the band is expected to release a new album sometime in the fall.

The night was full of great performances as The Greeting Committee and Pom Poms opened up for the band. It’s always a fun experience to watch up-and-coming bands get some time in the spotlight and this time was no exception.

First of all, I was blown away by the youthfulness of The Greeting Committee. For being in their late teens, the band are already pros at entertaining a crowd. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during the first two songs.The band never skipped a beat and performed a fantastic set filled with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.  The most enjoyable aspect of the band was their group dynamic. Their performance was filled with playful banter between the band members.

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Artist Spotlight: The Mowgli’s

Photo credit: Jesse DeFlorio                                  THE MOWGLI’S:(L-R) Andy Warren, Katie Jayne Earl, Colin Dieden, David Appelbaum, Matthew Di Panni, Josh Hoga

Known for their laid-back combination of pop, garage rock and 60’s Laurel Canyon folk sound.The eccentric California natives, THE MOWGLI’S, are slowly emerging as one of the one the best indie acts around.

Filled with lively beats and uplifting lyrics, The Mowgli’s bring a new style of music that stands out and puts you in a good mood.

The bands repertoire is filled with uplifting singles that celebrate positivity. For example, the single, ‘I’m Good’ is filled with messages of anti-bullying and of how important life is:

“You only live once
I’m good with myself
I’m there for my friends (I’m there for my friends)
Until the very end (’til the very end)”

Currently the band is working on their untitled third album that’s due out Fall 2016. The album is being produced by Mike Green who has worked with acts like All Time Low and Paramore.

In celebration of the upcoming album, the band recently released the new single “Freakin’ Me Out.” Based on its fun pop-rock melodies, it seems like the band is sticking to their energetic style of music.

If you live in California, the band will be performing at the intimate venue The Constellation Room in Santa Anna, Ca on Friday, Jun 10. Tickets are still on sale. For more information click here.